Fuel Testing Services

With time fuel develops several contaminants like moisture, sediments, etc., affecting its quality; therefore, it is crucial to have timely fuel testing to ensure fuel efficiency, reliability and performance. That's where our fuel testing services come in.

Fuel Testing Services
Fuel Testing Services

Earning You Market Trust

Acquiring a skilled team of professional chemists, the latest laboratory equipment and essential skills, our contaminated fuel testing company is adept at analysing all fuels like diesel and its types, heating oils and other essential fuels.

Our knowledgeable chemists provide accurate and reliable analyses, ensuring quality for your customers. Engage the services of our company for thorough testing and earn market trust by providing quality fuels.

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Guaranteeing Superior Performance

Ensuring contaminated fuel removal from your supplies, Network Environmental UK stands unique in its customer-friendly and reliable services:

The Utilisation of Cutting-edge Technology: Implying cutting-edge equipment, our chemists detect minute impurities to compete with the highest level of precision in fuel analysis.

Solutions as Per Your Preferences: We ensure maximum edge for clients by providing customised solutions for fuel testing. Whether evaluating fuel quality, assessing performance parameters, or conducting compliance testing, we provide comprehensive testing packages at a reasonable fuel testing cost.

Rapid Turnaround Time: With thorough processes and streamlined workflows, we abide by our promised slots to give timely results, enabling you to think critically for your business.

Quality Control and Assurance: By efficiently monitoring fuel samples, we identify the key contaminants and skilfully manage their removal to maintain quality standards.

Industry Expertise: Acquiring years of industry experience, we are proficient in addressing complex fuel quality and performance challenges.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Benefitting from oil contamination testing services can be advantageous for driving businesses towards excellence, reputation and profit.

Improved Fuel Quality: Having thorough fuel testing assists you in maintaining market standards, optimising combustion and avoiding repeated engine performance issues.

Significant Cost Savings: By proactively monitoring fuel quality, you can avoid the costly consequences of using contaminated or substandard fuel.

Compliance with the Regulations: Availing our fuel testing services keeps you compliant with the government business regulations, avoiding penalties and ensuring a positive business image.

Expert Analysis and Insights: Apart from conducting outstanding analyses, our experts offer valuable insights enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your fuel management.

Ultimate Peace of Mind: Our fuel testing services ensure that your operations are running smoothly, your equipment is protected, and you meet the set standards.

Thorough Analyses - Accurate Measurements

Conducting detailed analyses, our chemists examine samples to detect every impurity and provide precise readings.

Water Content: We determine the water content in the oil, as excessive water can negatively impact the oil’s performance and lead to equipment damage.

FAME Content: We measure the FAME content to assess its concentration and potential effects on the oil’s properties.

Sulphur Content: We analyse the sulphur content in the oil, as high sulphur levels can contribute to increased emissions and damage to engine components.

Density: The density of the oil provides valuable information about its composition and can indicate its quality and suitability for specific applications.

Microbial Contaminants: We check for microbial contaminants, such as bacteria and fungi, which can cause oil degradation and lead to equipment malfunctions.

Excess Metals: We examine the oil for the presence of excess metals, such as iron, copper, or lead, which can indicate the presence of wear or contamination within the system.

PCB Testing: We conduct PCB testing to ensure compliance with regulations and identify any potential PCB contamination in the oil.

Viscosity: Viscosity measurement helps determine the oil’s resistance to flow and is crucial for maintaining proper lubrication and preventing excessive friction within machinery.

ISO Cleanliness: We examine the oil for particulate contamination, evaluating its ISO cleanliness level. This analysis helps identify solid particles that may affect the oil’s performance and cause equipment damage.


It is pertinent not only to maintain reliable and quality fuel for your customers but also it earns you a better market image keeping you compliant with the regulations.

All micro or macro substances like water, sulphur, and microbes affecting fuel quality and performance are counted as fuel contaminants.

Below are some symptoms that indicate your fuel is contaminated:

  • Varnish smell
  • Cloudy appearance
  • Dark colour
  • Clogged filters
  • Rusted tank

Keep your tank and fuel storage surroundings clean, have regular tank cleaning and inspection, and be vigilant about the fuel contamination symptoms described above.

Whatever your situation, we can handle it

Our Services Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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Industry-Recognised Accreditations

We take pride in holding industry-recognised accreditations. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and compliance, and provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy partner.