Fuel Uplift Services

Do you have unwanted fuels and oils on your site? There are specific regulations that must be followed while storing fuels and oils, which can result in additional costs and complications, especially if you no longer use those stored fuels and oils. Furthermore, most oils and fuels have a limited shelf life, so it’s compulsory to remove them before they begin to cause problems.

Fuel Uplift Service
Fuel Uplift Service

Get Your Old Fuel Uplifted Safely

Problems like diesel bugs can occur that may put your machinery in danger. So, if they’ve been sitting unused for a while, you may need to contact a company to help you. Network Environmental is a certified company in the UK that specialises in safely removing and uplifting old fuels.

How Does Our Fuel Uplift Service Work?

Our fuel uplift services involve the following steps:

  • Our professionals will come to your location and do a thorough site assessment and a technical evaluation of the stored gasoline, including the fuel’s condition and the optimum recovery method.
  • We will then design a strategy and use risk assessments to determine the less disturbing and best course of action.
  • Then, our expert engineers will remove fuel and transfer it into our tanks safely. If it is fit for reuse, we will put it on the market and arrange payment.
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Fuel Uplift Service

Importance of an Old Fuel Uplift

If you have fuel in your storage tank that you no longer use, it is critical that you remove it appropriately. If the oil is kept for too long, it might get contaminated and potentially cause tank corrosion. The stored fuel has a short lifespan of around one year. Over time it can damage the tank walls and may leak into the environment, causing environmental pollution.

You can avoid all of this by using fuel uplift services. We can collect your waste oil securely, without creating any environmental damage.

Fuel Switching Service

If the quality of your fuel has deteriorated and cannot be re-used, we can uplift and remove it, clean your tank and piping, and provide a clean supply of fuel directly back into your tank. This entire service is performed in-house by our team of professionals.

Switching to HVO Fuel

You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by switching to HVO fuels. It is a fully renewable alternative to diesel fuel. Network Environmental is here to help your business reach a good sustainability level by replacing your existing fuel with HVO fuel.   

Benefits of Choosing Network Environmental for Oil Uplift Services

  • Our team of experts understands how to do fuel uplifts safely. By choosing us, you can be sure that your fuel uplift is in good hands.
  • We not only have some of the top professionals, but we also have excellent customer service to back it up. They assist you and provide advice regarding the fuel uplift process.
  • All of our fuel uplift services are performed with care and attention to meet all the government criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To prevent your fuel from degradation, it is advised to invest in a regular preventative maintenance programme. It will keep you safe from the hassle of replacing the entire fuel. We recommend monitoring and testing your fuel annually to avoid having to uplift.

HVO is a high-quality, sustainable, renewable, and stable fuel than diesel fuel. And it also offers better filterability, performance, and combustion, potentially decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

If fuel remains unused for an extended period of time, it will become corroded, leading to environmental damage and leaks.

We may buy your used fuel based on its condition and always strive to provide the best price for the fuel we take.

Whatever your situation, we can handle it

Our Services Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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Industry-Recognised Accreditations

We take pride in holding industry-recognised accreditations. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and compliance, and provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy partner.